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 “…the Thracians, Romans, Greeks, Turks and even the Huns left their traces here. And still now we can see and feel it in its archaeological remains

arqueológicos… “


We are the first foreign headquarters located in Madrid of the considered first Bulgarian tourist group with a presence in the most important cities of the country.

A human team made up of highly qualified professionals with a proven track record in the Spanish tourism sector, as well as in the institutional and hotel relations sector. Our team has all the predisposition, professionalism and vocation to give the client the greatest possible satisfaction. For this we are at your disposal 24 h / 365 days.

BE GREAT SERVICE It is formed by a set of independent companies that compete in their respective sectors with a single purpose: to offer the best quality, advice and customer service. A human team committed to a passion for a job well done. At BE GREAT SERVICE we like what we do. That is the key to our success.